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- Tribuna de la Habana

"Near flawless"
- The Age

"A knockout"
- The Herald Sun

- Sometimes Melbourne

"Mama Alto is an exceptionally talented singer, who makes the question as to whether it is a woman or a man singing obsolete. It is clearly an angel."
- The Conversation

"... jazz standards soaring into the heavens on the wings of trans diva Mama Alto..."

"Mama Alto is becoming one of Australia’s most essential voices, not only for bringing a new vitality to these jazz standards, but as a leading icon of her community."

Witness Performance

“Her voice is unique, powerful, seductive, subversive and stylish.”

The Advertiser (Adelaide)

“The fabulous Mama Alto, always a most welcome performer, with a superb vocal version of Thelonius Monk's Round Midnight. One could have heard a pin drop, until the cheering and applause at the end."